Count It All Joy Counseling

Let the journey begin...

Today, you have opened the door to new possibilities.  Now you are ready to answer the urge to consider another direction.  In this moment, you are discovering that there are options - opportunities await! Congratulations for saying, "YES" to a brighter tomorrow.  

Choosing to participate in counseling is probably the wisest decision one could ever make.  Allowing yourself to explore this option shows that you value your mental health as much as you do the other material possessions you tend to collect.  I often remind myself that counseling is NOT for crazy people, it is for people seeking to COPE with this crazy world around us!  

Count It All Joy Counseling Services, LLC was established in 2007 to address a need for additional counseling, consulting and supervision services in the metro area.  The name, Count It All Joy, does not suggest that one should jubilantly hop, skip, or jump when they encounter an adversity.  However, it does imply that trials will come - we simply aspire to learn new strategies to persevere towards greater fulfillment. 

We are conveniently located in northeast Jackson at Highland Village Properties.  An array of services are provided to help people create positive changes in their lives. It is our hope that you find peace, understanding and JOY along your JOURNEY through LIFE.